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History of Hip Replacements


The earliest recorded attempts at hip replacement (Gluck T, 1891), which were carried out in Germany, used ivory to replace the femoral head (the ball on the femur).1

In 1940 at Johns Hopkins hospital, Dr. Austin T. Moore (1899–1963), an American surgeon, reported and performed the first metallic hip replacement surgery. The original prosthesis he designed was a proximal femoral replacement, with a large fixed head, made of the Cobalt-Chrome alloy Vitallium. It was about a foot in length and it bolted to the resected end of the femoral shaft (hemiarthroplasty). This was unlike later (and current) hip replacement prostheses which are inserted within the medullary canal of the femur. A later version of Dr. Moore’s prosthesis, the so-called Austin Moore, introduced in 1952 is still in use today.

In 1960 a Burmese orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. San Baw (29 June 1922 – 7 December 1984), pioneered the use of ivory hip prostheses to replace ununited fractures of the neck of femur when he first used an ivory prosthesis to replace the fractured hip bone of an 83 year old Burmese Buddhist nun, Daw Punya.2 This was done while Dr. San Baw was the chief of orthopaedic surgery at Mandalay General Hospital in Mandalay, Burma. Dr. San Baw used over 300 ivory hip replacements from the 1960s to 1980s. He presented a paper entitled “Ivory hip replacements for ununited fractures of the neck of femur” at the conference of the British Orthopaedic Association held in London in September 1969. An 88% success rate was discerned in that Dr. San Baw’s patients ranging from the ages of 24 to 87 were able to walk, squat, ride a bicycle and play football a few weeks after their fractured hip bones were replaced with ivory prostheses. Ivory may have been used because it was cheaper than metal at that time in Burma and also was thought to have good biomechanical properties including biological bonding of ivory with the human tissues nearby. An extract from Dr San Baw’s paper, which he presented at the British Orthopaedic Association’s Conference in 1969, is published in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British edition), February 1970. With modern hip replacement surgery, one can expect to walk immediately post-op.

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Boomers: It’s not your Grandma’s hip replacement surgery

“Hip replacements were once reserved for the elderly, so younger adults with hips damaged by arthritis or past injury were told to wait to undergo replacement surgery until they were very old,” he says. “Baby boomers today, however, have higher expectations, and don’t want to let a damaged hip slow them down. They want to get back on the ski slopes, back on the jogging track and back to an active life.”

via Boomers: It’s not your Grandma’s hip replacement surgery.

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Your Hipster Girl….

Hip Advocate

Jodi is a DOUBLE HIPster with a “Zimmer” in her left hip and ceramic in her right.  Bionic woman of the 21st century, Jodi has used both THR approaches – the left hip was the posterior cutting through the muscle  (ouch) and in the right hip almost three years later, she used the anterior approach, which is a weaving through the muscles and ligaments.

Jodi is  also the creator and founder of and  – and author of a Guidebook for Single Parents after divorce (Making Lemonade – the book).

She has been spotlighted for her work with single parents in many on and offline publications; all inspired by being the single mother of SAM, who is now 21  <insert GULP here>

In her new HIPster status, Jodi wants to help people through this process (and initiation) because it was SO powerful for her!  She is there for YOU to take you through all the stages of having your hip replaced….from research, speaking to Doctors, planning the surgery, going through the pre-op and post op process, preparing your home and post-surgery care-taking, and planning your hipster party to say good-bye to your original hip and hello to your bionic self!

This is a journey, and there is loss to grieve – but there is also an initiation and celebration into a new, more bionic lifestyle.  Traveling through airports will never be the same again either!!!!

And, there is no need to go through this alone, when you can have an advocate!  🙂   

Email me!

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Hip Pain and Sex: Staying Intimate

Hip pain makes it hard for you to walk and get through your day, and that means it may also be interfering with your sex life. But you can enjoy sex with less pain, both before and after hip replacement surgery.

Hip Pain and Sex: Discussing the Problem

via Hip Pain and Sex: Staying Intimate – Hip Health Center –

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Yoga & Hip Replacements

   While some may believe hip replacement surgery is debilitating and greatly affects mobility, a few months of physical therapy and a doctor’s approval can have most patients practicing yoga again. According to the, yoga is not only possible for hip replacement patients, but it may help to speed up recovery, strengthen the joint and help a patient regain freedom of movement.

Basic Guidelines

The “oga Journal recommends several guiding principles for practicing yoga after hip replacement surgery. Always ask your doctor or physical therapist for recommendations and clearances. She may be able to give you a list of movements you should avoid as well as movements that are helpful to strengthening your hip.

via Yoga & Hip Replacements | LIVESTRONG.COM.

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Yoga Journal – Yoga Expert Q&A – Practicing Safely with Bilateral Hip Replacements


     The postures that are best and worst after hip replacement depend on the surgical approach your doctor took when implanting the hips, and your own level of flexibility and/or strength in the hip region.

Here are some guiding principles for practicing yoga if you’ve had hip replacements:

via Yoga Journal – Yoga Expert Q&A – Practicing Safely with Bilateral Hip Replacements.

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Hip Replacement – The Ultimate Remedy for Arthritic Inmates

When a human being starts growing, his body builds up a propensity to come up with diverse heath complications. These health problems gradually weaken the functions of the body parts. One such harmful disease is arthritis which is considered to one of the painful health complications arising in the human body. Arthritis results in pain in the joints and the aftereffects usher on the hip and knee joints. As a result, people find difficult to move their hips flexibly since they experience a kind of stiffness in the joints. To tackle with such health complications, the hip replacement surgery can be a good option. The two types of surgeries that arthritis patients usually opt for are posterior hip replacement and anterior hip replacement.

via Hip Replacement – The Ultimate Remedy for Arthritic Inmates – Health.