Healing Gardens for Hip Replacement Recovery

   Every condition or disease has its challenges, and understanding these challenges is necessary to the planning process. Designing a space to facilitate recovery from a hip replacement would require a very different approach than designing a space for child with ASD, or a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.

There is much to learn from the Client’s clinical team: physician, care providers, specialists, etc., each of whom has very specific and personal knowledge about the individual and the level of their disability. In addition, many conditions and diseases have societies and support groups associated with them, so there is often a wealth of information available t

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The debt-ceiling & TSA: Patting down America for every last nickel and dime

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2011With talks of debt-ceilings and America defaulting, it is easy for the average American to determine where dollars in the budget could be saved. Let’s start with the TSA.

Donald Rumsfeld may have smiled through his TSA pat down in Chicago last week, but my friend Barb is not smiling about her recent TSA encounters. Like Rumsfeld, Barb is sporting a metal joint or two, which is not uncommon.

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They have the technology

Lock, who has performed about 600 knee and hip replacements over the last three years using the Zimmer technology, said it reduces both patient recovery time and the likelihood that the patient will have to return for an adjustment. That said, he admitted the technology can sometimes be a hard sell to hospital administrators, given that many of the cost savings are only obvious in the long term.

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