Patients bone up on joint surgery

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Every class needs a class clown — even Joint Replacement class at Regions Hospital in St. Paul — and I had my money on the 40-something mom who sat across the table joking quietly with her teenage daughter.We had gathered in the hospital’s cheery ninth-floor conference room — seven people facing knee or hip surgery — for a two-hour class on how to be good patients. Melinda, a nurse educator, reviewed medications and pain management. Ruby, a surgical nurse, covered pre-admission hygiene and diet. But when Lee, the last speaker, said you face weeks of exercise and physical therapy after a hip replacement, the mom erupted:”I might as well keep the old one!” she said.

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DePuy Hip Recall Recent Updates


July 31, 2012 : Will You Be Part of the Expected Johnson & Johnson Hip Implant Settlement?

In the past, few hip replacement surgeries were performed on people younger than the age of sixty under the theory that older people tend to be less physically active, therefore would place less stress on the artificial hip implant. Over the past decade, however, doctors have been more willing to consider hip replacement surgery in younger people who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or those who have had injuries, fractures or bone tumors.

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July 30, 2012 : What are the Long Term Side Effects of Chromium and Cobalt in the Bloodstream?

Patients who have undergone a metal-on-metal hip implant may be very concerned about the fairly recent reports of adverse health effects due to metal ion shavings which migrate into the surrounding hip tissue and bloodstream in some patients. The design of the metal-on-metal acetabular cup and ball make it likely that during physical activities the two parts will rub against one another, causing tiny particles of chromium and cobalt to shear off and enter other parts of the body.

DePuy Hip Recall Recent Updates

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Arthritis is a disease where you lose cartilage and then you progressively lose bone, and then you progressively stretch out ligaments, in that order. So, if you have arthritis on the inner side of your knee, which is the most common pattern, as the cartilage wears out, the bones go into a bow-legged position, and then, that bone wears, then you actually start to lose bone, and then eventually you actually start to stretch out the tissues on the outside of the knee just from tension, and then they become unstable. People feel the knees are wobbly or they’re afraid to go down a flight of steps normally or carry their laundry down a flight of steps. Or older people will fall.

Boomers mean big business in joint replacement |

A HIP New World



Well, the more people I meet, the more I hear about becoming bionic – with all types of body parts being replaced…it’s pretty surreal, especially when you go through it yourself.




Toward a better material for hip replacement and other joint implants


In an advance toward a new generation of improved hip and other joint replacements, scientists are describing development of a potential implant material that flexes more like natural bone, fosters the growth of bone that keeps implants firmly in place and is less likely to fail and require repeat surgery. Their study on these so-called tantalum nanotube materials appears in ACS Applied Material & Interfaces.

Toward a better material for hip replacement and other joint implants

Hip Replacement Implants – What Type of Hip Replacement Implant is Best

Question: What Type of Hip Replacement Implant is Best?

There are many orthopedic manufacturing companies that produce different implants used in hip replacement surgery. Most of these companies make several different hip replacement prostheses. Is there a way to determine which hip replacement implant is best?

Answer: Asking orthopedic surgeons what hip replacement is best is like going to a car show and asking people which car is best. You’ll find lots of different answers, and each person thinks they’ve got the right one.

One of the most important aspects of hip replacement surgery is determining the proper implant to be used in the operation. However, people disagree on what criteria are most important to selecting the best hip replacement implant.

Hip Replacement Implants – What Type of Hip Replacement Implant is Best