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Hip Replacement Complications – Metallosis & Other Complications


Hip Replacement Complications

Hip replacement surgery (hip arthroplasty) has been touted by many experts as one of the most significant medical device innovations of the last 40 years. It has helped millions of people overcome painful arthritis, recover from hip fractures and improve their quality of life. However, hip implants do not come without risk or complications. A growing number of implant recipients have been experiencing severe complications associated with their hip replacement.

Historically, the use of hip implants was limited to patients who had suffered hip fractures or who were older, less active and suffered from severe arthritic hip conditions. However, advances in hip replacement design, the materials they are made from and the surgical procedures used to implant them have made hip arthroplasty one of the most common orthopaedic procedures today. In fact, surgeons are now offering the procedure to patients younger than 55 — to correct a wide variety of hip conditions that previously would not have been considered severe enough to warrant the surgery.

Hip Replacement Complications – Metallosis & Other Complications


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