By Jodi Seidler 
        When holistic methods are used along with conventional medical treatment, healing is more effective against any disease. We have seen that cancer pain and some side effects of chemo treatment can be complimented with a holistic approach that includes the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. 
     Janine Whalen, a renaissance woman, a fighter, an aspiring entrepreneur AND an inspirational cancer survivor, along with Heaven and Earth Oasis’ Valerie Heath, created holistic strategies to balance the conventional treatments she received. With the high stakes of reoccurring stage 4 ovarian cancer, and multiple complications, (a disease with an extremely high mortality rate), Janine was fighting for her life.  Her cancer had also metastasized into every organ in her abdomen cavity.  When she came to see Valerie Health at Heaven and Earth Oasis, she was suffering from extreme muscle wasting and a build up of fluid in the abdomen.  She was in extreme pain every minute, and was looking for relief on every level.   
     Janine raves about Valerie’s healing room, “This gorgeous healing space was the perfect place to turn myself over to someone; it is a safe and welcoming place to start a healing journey.”  Using healing oils specific for cancer, crystals placed on various body parts, Reiki and the Biomat infrared mat, Janine felt soft waves of energy throughout her body. She cooed, “This is an Incredibly relaxing experience, to let go of everything and get transported to a new level; to be in a safe place where I could let go of my fears about health outcomes and create an opening to go to a new level”. After her treatments, Janine felt like she was floating, she was more relaxed, more peaceful,  and was in less pain and a lot less fear. Four months later, she is on another level; there is no muscle wasting, and her strength is back.  She is still continuing with alternative therapies, and is amazingly already back working.   
    Valerie Heath’s background and experience using holistic, non-invasive techniques, comes from her own health challenge and healing experiences; in 2006 Valerie Heath became a certified Reiki Master, and a certified energy healer in other alternative healing protocols. The non-invasive techniques used in Janine’s healing consisted of Reiki, and the BioMat’s far infrared negative ion therapy.   
     Healing is a flow between the physical, psychological, and spiritual. It is a dance we do with a team we trust, combining conventional and alternative modalities to enhance vitality and engage healing. Anyone going through a health or life challenge should also compliment their treatment with alternative modalities, as it promotes the healing. Janine Whalen is a cheerleader for Heaven and Earth Oasis for all cancer patients, or any other health related issues.   Heaven and Earth Oasis offers FREE healing to the Veterans, and is also open to the public.  As Janine states, “With Heaven and Earth Oasis’ healing – you go further…faster in your healing process”. 
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  1. Valerie is a wonderful and soothing healer. She has helped me to bring piece back into my life.

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