PEMF – Heal Your Hips

Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells.

#PEMF is widely used in orthopedics for the treatment of fractures, depression, bone healing; and stimulates cellular cell & bone repair. Magnetic fields pass through the body – even the bones – as if the body wasn’t even there. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other bone destroying conditions.

I 💖 mine so much that I am adding ‘distributor’ to my entrepreneurial portfolio. I have different sizes and strengths for practitioners, athletes and people with chronic pain.

Message me for more info… I will help you heal your body.

Heal Your Body

Get your own PEFM and Heal YOUR Hips

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Become involved in all phases of the device selection process.

We are now offering a webinar (conference call discussion) for those of you needing a hip or knee replacement.  Learn from other patients and patient advocates of their patient experience and knowledge in the area of implant devices, and the research that needs to be done as an empowered patient.

Becoming further involved in all phases of your health also includes the device selection process. You don’t have to leave it up to your surgeon to choose what goes into your body, you can collaborate and work together, and know what questions to ask about the joint replacement process, including the components.

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