My Secret Weapon for Joint Pain

If there’s something I’ve learned over the last 20 plus years, it’s that everyone is a patient. Everybody has pain. Every body ages. And living with constant pain can create a sad, lonely, and hopeless life. I was a young vibrant, enthusiastic woman who began to suffer from joint pain due to osteoarthritis and dysplasia at a young age.  When my Hip pain turned into bone-on-bone chronic pain – I needed to find relief.

I tried everything known to man.  Pills, creams, tens and PEFM machines, hands-on-healing, prayer and a healer or two.  Nothing worked in the long term, yet my search continued until I could no longer walk.  Since crying “Uncle” and having my hips replaced, I’ve become a health advocate for others, creating support groups and a hip replacement blog called When you’ve been through bone on bone pain, you realize that no one understands that level of pain unless they have experienced it themselves. 

My experience is when you’ve been through that type of joint pain, it feels like you’re part of a club. I feel connected to others who have gone through this dark night of the soul, those who felt isolated, alone and hopelessly in pain.

When I learned about 4jointz for joint pain relief, I was curious and hopeful for deep pain relief. Upon first usage, the strong smell of eucalyptus was a bit overwhelming. But after the first day of applications the smell transitioned into more of a healing sensation when I rubbed it around the joints of my hips, knees, toes and fingers. And the cream blended in quite nicely and smoothly. I felt the  deep penetration, along with the feeling that healing was truly underway.  

I was excited to try 4jointz cream, especially since pain pills and pain patches hadn’t given me the desired result of enduring pain relief.  It’s been two weeks using  4jointz – two to three times a day, as the directions suggested.  It seems a small price to relieve or eventually erase the joint pain that has affected me for decades.  

It really feels like a god-send because I don’t have to worry about the side effects from other methods of pain relief from the pharmacy.  It feels like I have a secret weapon against joint pain now; a secret I really want to share with others in pain.

I feel the confidence that this formula is creating layers of pain relieving protection that no other remedy or pill has offered me. I am excited to include it in my healing toolkit.

This a sponsored post; I received a free sample of 4Jointz.

Jodi Seidler


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