Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells.

#PEMF is widely used in orthopedics for the treatment of fractures, depression, bone healing; and stimulates cellular cell & bone repair. Magnetic fields pass through the body – even the bones – as if the body wasn’t even there. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other bone destroying conditions.

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  • reduce muscle tension
  • improve tissue healing
  • reduce pain
  • increase energy
  • improve clotting factors
  • slow the development of arthritis
  • stimulate the immune system
  • help the body to detoxify
  • improve the uptake of nutrients
  • reduce blood pressure
  • helping nerve function
  • help liver function
  • balance the acupuncture meridians
  • improve sleep
  • make soft tissue more flexible
  • reduce arthritic changes

Now Dr. Oz is raving about this new therapy not only can it help relieve pain but also improve your eyesight!
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What are PEMFs?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. An electromagnetic field affects the behavior of anything with charge in the vicinity of the field. Our bodies are electric – every heartbeat generates electromagnetic waves throughout the blood vessels of the body, stimulating tissues at a cellular level. External magnetic fields and the normal electric and electromagnetic fields produced by the body interact. So, a magnetic field passing through our whole body will have an electromagnetic effect on each of our 70+ trillion cells. As a result, magnetic fields act in basic and fundamental ways on molecules and tissues. They affect the most basic functions of all cells—human, animal, and plant included.

All cells need energy to function. Cellular energy requires ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and is fundamental to all cell and body functions and is necessary to sustain life itself. ATP regulates cell metabolism by transporting chemical energy within our cells. Low ATP levels cause our cells to be sick, and decreases their ability to heal, regenerate, or function properly. Through the increased motion of ions and electrolytes, magnetic fields help cells increase their energy (or “charge”) by up to 500%.

Conditions can be treated with PEMFs…

PEMFs can be used by almost anyone to help with almost any condition or problem. Because magnetic fields affect us on a cellular level, they are not condition-specific. PEMFs have been shown to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, enhance muscle function, speed bone healing, reduce the effects of stress, and improve blood oxygenation, among a myriad of other things.

Because the PEMF-120 is a high-intensity PEMF system, it is especially helpful for stubborn or deep-seated problems, chronic aches and pains, and recovery from sports performance or sports-related injuries and those problems that we want to improve quickly.  The charges produced by high-intensity magnetic fields has been found in research to positively benefit coagulation, fractures, psychological/cognitive issues, immunology, muscle actions, nerve conductivity, EEG effects, intestinal motility, skin respiration, antioxidant activity, and many other bodily functions. Relief from many different ailments has been reported after just a few treatments even with this high intensity PEMF-120.

To Recap:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy(PEMFT), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magnetotherapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions, congenital pseudarthrosis and depression. In the case of bone healing, PEMF uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through injured tissue. This is believed to stimulate cellular repair. The FDA has approved several such stimulation devices. These devices provide a complementary solution that may aid in bone repair.

Although electromagnetic therapy became widely adopted in Western Europe, its use was restricted to animals in North America. Veterinarians became the first health professionals to use PEMF therapy, usually to heal broken legs in racehorses. Professional sports doctors then decided to experiment with veterinarian devices off label on professional athletes which ultimately led to legally licensed devices for human use in the United States – but under strict stipulations that it was only to be used for non-union bone fractures under a medical prescription from a licensed doctor.In 1979 the FDA approved non-invasive devices using pulsed electromagnetic fields designed to stimulate bone growth.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is FDA approved since 2011 for use on patients that failed to respond to antidepressants.Weak magnetic stimulation of the brain is often called transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) therapy.Early hints of efficacy of tPEMF as antidepressant came from observations that bipolar patients improved their mood after a magnetic resonance spectrogram, an approach which has been labeled LFMS.

So you can see the amazing affects of PEFM . I am sharing this incredible knowledge and this machine.

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