Let’s talk brain waves…and using the paddle and the brain waves buttons down here at the bottom of the unit. At the side of the machine are the Delta, Theta and Sleep Sweep buttons.  These are particularly for people with trouble sleeping or waking up exhausted.  You can use the 8 hours of sleep with either the Delta or Theta pulse rates or use the Sleep Sweep, which combines the two.  You might want to try: one night using Delta, one night using Theta, and one night using the Sleep Sweep and see how you sleep by placing the paddle under your pillow (it is going to pulse the two waveform through your brain).  The paddle may get a little bit warm under your pillow, but this is normal. 


People with a lot of stress or needing to ground themselves a little bit better would use the Alpha mode. Or if you want to meditate, and slow down your mind, use either the mat or the paddle. When the “Alpha button,” is pushed, there is a 7.8 pulse rate which is designed to be very similar to the Schumann resonance 7.83, and basically this resonance is going to allow the brain to sleep into wave forms that are more calm, relaxing, meditative and grounding.


The next part of the machine is “Active Alert”.  The Theta and Gamma are faster brain waves so you can use them together or try them individually each morning.  If you want to Theta by itself, see how you feel. Gamma by itself, see how you feel. Or just do the active alert for both.  Have fun with this setting and it might be a good idea to keep a journal to document what and how you feel after using each setting.


This is a super-fast pulse rate and it accesses a higher brain wave form to make you more alert and more clear-minded. For students or older individuals, this higher brain wave makes processing a little faster, and helps you process information and focus better.  About 30 minutes in the morning and you will notice a nice, clear focused mind throughout the day.


PEMF Therapy when applied using applicators such as pads or pillows stimulates the brain using pulsating magnetic fields, which improves circulation and neuro-chemical imbalances that cause depression.

By enhancing the cells and nutrient intake, this unit also balances hormonal functions including serotonin (which helps you feel calm, serene, optimistic and self-confident), dopamine (responsible for making you feel excited, motivated, and energized) and the stress hormone, cortisol (which revs you up into a high gear when you need it).

Regular therapy at home is easier to fit in the schedule and benefits can be enjoyed long-term, providing mental and cognitive performance enhancement, it’s much more than a little boost of serenity. PEMF therapy also has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain tissues too just like any other part of the body. Brain inflammation can also be responsible for brain fog or decline in cognitive function, depression, stress and anxiety. Research also suggests that you can reverse these trends and take charge of your brain health in as little as two weeks if you give your brain the frequencies it needs to recharge itself to operate effectively.  Research also proves pulsed electromagnetic field therapies (PEMF) have beneficial effects upon Alzheimer’s disease and its underlying neurophysiological abnormality.

In-depth research using magnetic field therapy for the entire body, or on all the cells of the body, show that cellular functions are also affected. For example, during deep sleep, we tend to regenerate more. When sleeping all night in magnetic field tuned to Schumann resonance amazing health benefits have been reported. Usually reported at 7.8 Hz, the Schumann resonance ensures life on earth. 




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