Jodi’s Top 8 Hip Tips!

1.  tvTime to add more movie channels to your TV – ask for a month free promotion.

2.   emailAdd email and IM to your phone by getting a month free from your cell phone provider, says time and pain not to have to get up and check your mail; you get everything in one place.

3.    baby blankieBuy yourself an adult “blankie” to curl up with and take with you in ever room you lie or relax in.  You should be getting up and changing positions every 25 or 30 minutes.  Taking your “blankie” with you helps to feel secure and safe in the womb of your recovery home.  Mine is a soft, lion-type motif….reminding me that I am strong – like a mother lion.

4.   groceryOrder groceries, water bottles and household items online (I used, they deliver your favorites items (including hand-made deli food) and carry it up to your kitchen.

5.    walking with cane Find a neighbor who normally walks daily and ask them if you can tag along on a consistent basis, that way you don’t have to beg or encourage friends to come and take you for a walk.

6.   lettersTell the mailman you’ll be recovering inside your home, and if he/she wouldn’t mind leaving your mail by your door.   You can tip them during the holidays for this gift of convenience.

7.   pink_phoneHave a buddy system with a few appointed friends, which you/they check in on daily, in the morning and at night.  Other people and friends have their own lives, and it’s frustrating and almost depressing to feel like you’ve been forgotten during the recovery time.

8.   Take three smaller walks a day instead one big one (which is harder to recover from).  It’s like eating small meals throughout the day – much better for our bodies.  Same with walking….easier to recover from small walks – and more enjoyable to see the world throughout the day!

Ask for what you need, so people know!!!

Stay tuned for more HIP tips as they reveal themselves!

xoxo,  Jodi

Jodi Seidler, HIPster Girl

7 thoughts on “TOP TIPS

  1. I am so happy to have found your site. I am a 45 yo female, who has been (finally) told I need bilateral hip replacement. I am scared, confused and feel so alone. Everyone thinks it’s no big deal…but it is to me! This is my body. I don’t make a large purchase without research shouldn’t it be the same about putting our bodies under stress/surgery?


  2. I am 35 will need two THR in next few years found out couple of weeks ago….really glad to have found this site…..lots of useful info. My head is all over the place….!


  3. Hi, I am a 40 year old female, and I will be getting a right hip replacement in a couple weeks. Thanks You for doing this video. I found your video and all of the info on this site very helpful. I’m getting more and more anxious as the time date gets closer. I’m looking forward to being pain free!


  4. am 68 years old and fortunate to continue bicycling on low grade mountain roads. total hip replacement was 2007 after crashing bicycle high up on Mt Tamalpais. after surgery, I did as Jodi directed: small walks every day. then moved to small walks up steep streets with crutches. very slow. very careful. after 5 months, was able to ride bicycle on flat street. now, I pray/meditate before every ride. by 2009 I was able to ride halfway up Mt Tamalpais but too scared [ and wise] to go further. anybody out there have similar experience and still active?


  5. not everybody will be bicycling as I do, but I hope my previous comments, can help inspire others to their individual potential. after the 2007 surgery, I remember asking my physical therapist, ‘will I ever again bicycle on the hills of California?’ it is very important for your surgeon to order physical therapy for at least 6 weeks following surgery. then order 1-2 months in a rehabilitation gym with certified professional instructors to monitor your use of equipment .


  6. I am a 64 year old female waiting for my bionic right hip! Funny how as you near it (December 9) you start to talk yourself out of it. Yes I am nervous and the pain is lessening actually so I am really trying to convince myself to not have it done. Yet, this site has helped me to understand that it will be better after. I have been doing the preop exercises – physio in preparation and know that deep down I have to have it. Bone on bone isn’t going to change right?


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