Putting the HIP back into hip replacements!

  • Learn what to do before surgery (therapies and emotional support)
  • Keep track of your medical records with an online storage system to share with your medical team and family (password protected storage system)
  • Know what questions to ask your surgeons, and compare their answers before you decide who to choose
  • Deciding on what components to use (with updated research from us at your disposal)
  • Find out what you need to ask for in the hospital (and what to say NO to)
  • Plan your post op: setting up physical therapy, scheduling meal and visiting times and home maintenance
  • Setting up your support system locally and online
  • Getting financial aide with the hospital (if needed)
  • Set up maintenance calls with any questions or concerns you may have –  physically and emotionally.
  • Get introduced to the latest technologies to get and stay healthy!!!!

Don’t go it alone!

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