HIPsters Go Online

October 26, 2012 by Jodi Seidler | Edit

Whether we just keep a journal of our journey – filled with emotions, our today list, things we have or need to accomplish — and mostly an emotional track of where we are.  Don’t ignore those feelings of loss, having a component in our body that someday will expire, let it all out on paper.  However do not forget about the joy of being out of pain, of having a new life, a more bionic existence.  Be your own advocate and story-teller.  THEN, if you want total all of this online and create something meaningful for others to read – call or email me and let’s brainstorm.  From one-hipster-to-another.  This IS a club, a private club at that.

Make-Over Marketing (MOM) creates a web presence for you, your product or your service!

PERFECT for those who want to stay home and recover, yet build a business online!

Get your website, online journal or blog up within 48 hours with MOM.



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