Jodi Seidler puts the HIP back into hip replacements

As an obsessed researcher and investigative reporter, Jodi is dedicated to uncover and report the ins and outs of joint replacements, and writing and researching about autoimmune and joint health issues.

Jodi Seidler is a journalist, a patient advocate and the Founder of In her double HIPster status, Jodi educates, supports and inspires people of all ages through the joint replacement process because it was life-altering for her.  Understanding that everyone is a patient, and becoming increasingly aware of healthcare advancements, the changing medical landscape, and ever-advancing medical technology – Jodi encourages collaboration, continuing education and having the voice of the patient be loudly heard.

As Jodi states, “The journey from patient to patient leader was a steady growth, as I learned I needed both hips replaced at a young age. It went from self-knowledge to becoming a mission for me to help others researching or needing joint replacements. It was a true initiation for me; it was about taking my experience, strength and internet savviness and creating systems for others to connect and share via Facebook groups,Twitter and my HipsterClub blog. I am a patient spokesperson and have been filmed and profiled because of my passion and drive to help others”.

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1 thought on “JODI SEIDLER

  1. Hip replacement number 4

    Hi Jodie, my name is Philip and just wanted to bounce a few things off of you.
    I’m currently in my 4th hip replacement process. My third hip replacement got infected after 10 years of service and I’m in the process of getting my new 4th replacement. I had my 3rd replacement removed on May 1st. They put a ‘temp hip’
    in at that time and I have been taking antibotics since that time and I’m waiting for the all clear signal for them to put in my 4th. They told me that I didn’t do anything wrong and the only road to take was to remove the infected hip. I never knew these scenarios were possible. I’m 60 years old and had my first hip replacement at age 29. I seem to get about 10 years per replacement. I’ve enjoyed reading your site information.

    Philip Curtis


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