Time to Heal…


We need to take time for ourselves to heal our wounds, inside and out.

Suffering through any kind of loss needs healing, whether it’s replacing a body part, pain from lost love – we need to grieve and move through our feelings and pain to fully heal.  It’s here that you’ve joined a club of sorts, where other people have gone through similar losses.  Share in their knowledge, experience and compassion to assist you in moving through your initiation as well!

We’re here for you!!!!


6 thoughts on “Time to Heal…

  1. Thank you for those words. I had my hip replaced 2weeks and 4 days ago, Anterior approach. I am doing so well that I thought I should resurrect my bicycle this weekend and take it out for a few rides. My doctors office called me because I did ask first, they got back to me today and said “not yet”. Well it was fun while it lasted. I’m a very active woman, 52 and I love to stay in shape. I am so very grateful for this new revolutionary hip surgery. It has change my life. I wasted my hip over the years from an old Tae Kwon Do injury inflicted by my Dojo master. He was trying to help me. 16 years later it just went south. My new pain is so minimal now 2 weeks after and only from the surgery. I can tell that the hip is not where the pain is coming from it is in the femur but even that is minimal. On my way to full recovery, and a happier straight hip life!
    Burbank CA


    • Hi Rhonda, I am luisa. How are you now? I understand you had THR earlier than me. I had mine last jan 30. I can say that I can walk now without pain and you are right the pain is coming from the femur and mostly in my knee when I walk. My question now is ….can you lift your legs normally? because mine…i can lift it but not as high as the normal one. Your comment about this would be appreciated.
      Thank you in advance,


      • Hello Luisa,

        I had my surgery just one month ago. I am doing so well. Walking without a cane and going heel toe and building strength by stationary bike riding and some yoga type stretching. I have a slight pain now in my femur but it is so much less that two weeks ago. I may be a fast heeler and I also take supplements that may aid that. I can lift my leg up not completely like before, but it is getting easier each day. I think that daily use and physical therapy is the best way to get stronger. Feel free to ask me any more questions if you have any and I would be glad to give you my feedback.
        Best and bless you,


  2. Hi! My name is Luisa Escobar . I had my Total Hip Replacement last Jan 30, 2012. I dont have pain at all but I noticed that the pain is on my right knee now. I had right THR. I am so desperate that I cannot lift my right leg normally. Is there anyone who could tell me if this is normal? I am expecting that I will recover soon but my doctor extended my therapy.I am crying because I cannot continue my therapy because of financial difficulties. I dont have a job right now and the therapy cost me too much 30 dollars every session 3x a week. I decided to do it myself. I am 43 tears old.
    Elmhurst New York


  3. Hi Rhonda,
    Thank you so much for your time. I am happy for you…seems you recover so quickly. I am praying that I am too. I had congenital hip replacement since birth and the doctor said mine would be different . Sad to say I cant continue my therapy. Right now I exercise at home and soon will go back to work, so I can continue my therapy.
    Luisa Escobar


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