Top 10 Tips For Hips: Exercises Pre & Post Hip Replacement


The Top 10 Essential Exercise Tips for Hips

If you could create the best possible recovery post hip replacement surgery and only needed to know what to do, would you want to know? If you knew exercise would give you pain relief pre hip replacement surgery and return you to good function in a timely manner post operation, would you give it a try? Exercise is the number one best thing you can do to alleviate the pain from your stiff arthritic hip and to recover strong after having a hip replacement operation. Learning the right type of exercise and which exercises are best is very important. Here is a top 10 list of the best exercises to strengthen your hips both pre and post hip surgery.

Here are the absolute essentials for a great hip exercise program:

Priority #1: Strong Gluteals! Gluteus Maximus, Medius, Minimus
Priority #2: Stretch your hip flexors or illiopsoas muscle
Priority #3: Backward Walking
Priority #4: Gait training (heel toe and endurance)
Priority #5: Check Hamstring flexibility
Priority #6: Step Ups (do post-op only, pre-op is pain dependent)
Priority #7: Core exercises to stabilize pelvis & help posture
Priority #8: Posture awareness, stretches to correct poor posture
Priority #9: Functional exercises to help you manage daily tasks
Priority #10: Aerobic exercise to rebuild cardiovascular conditioning and loosen stiffness

You will want to ensure all of the above components are part of your hip exercise program. Combining all of these exercise goals for hip strength will give you the best opportunity for optimal recovery, balancing your body, maintaining function, and to achieve overall well being.

Top 10 Tips For Hips: Exercises Pre & Post Hip Replacement

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