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I am a Zimmer Hipster, so I find myself on their website trying to discover my genealogy.  I’m happy Zimmer-Biomet, as a hip manufacturer, are building a patient website, as I feel device and pharma companies should be doing.  Anyway…here is some important information from their site that I found well written.

Hips are a prime target for arthritis. The first sign may be an occasional ache, but over time the pain may become too much to ignore. 52.5 million adults in the United States just over 1 in 5 adults have more than 100 different types of arthritis, and osteoarthritis, the most common type, is a leading cause of hip pain.1,2 Joints like the hips are simply places where bones meet and join together. Those meeting places are cushioned by shock-absorbing cartilage, so the bones don’t rub directly against each other. But when the cartilage is worn away— which is actually the definition of osteoarthritis— the result is a bone-on-bone grinding. That grinding hurts. You can feel it walking, sitting, or even lying down trying to sleep.

via Hip Pain | Zimmer.

2 thoughts on “Hip Pain | Zimmer

  1. Hey Jodi, My name is Steven Davis and I live down in San Diego ,Ca .We spoke a few years ago as I was about to get my first THR. They put in a MOM ,Burmingham, and now 3 yrs later I need a revision. My cobalt level is at 15,they say average levels should be under 2.0. Do you have any info on this subject as I have no pain or tumors around the site per MRI images. I really dread going in a second time on this hip and scares the hell out of me at 66 yrs old. Thanx for all you do, Steve 619 820-5707


  2. Hello Steven, my name is Michael. how did the revision go last year? did you recover former activity levels? my surgeon said I may need revision one day. would line my MOM with plastic inside… when/if the day comes. am 68 years. were there symptoms with having cobalt level of 15? cardiac? higher blood pressure? kidney problems? swelling? anxiety? thank you.


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