Misc. HIP Things


I found an amazing travel program that is perfect for parents, baby boomers, HIPsters  or anyone on a budget. You can book travel wholesale OR get discounted prices through Making Lemonade Travel OR be a part of a TRAVEL CLUB too…like Costco for travel.
For example, plan your family vacation (kids are most times free)  on a cruise ship or all-inclusive resort get-away.  I will find a WOW low cost vacation for you on an amazing budget!  All you have to do is fill out this FORM…and we’re on our way to add more travel and freedom into your life!  🙂

Also, I can help you  find Dream Trips and create your own excursions with family and friends…and make money doing it!

I’m SO excited about this – I can’t sit still.

To Begin:

  • Be sure to complete your travel preferences, so we know exactly where you live and what you prefer as far as travel airlines, trips,  times, location. This way you also get special deals delivered to  your email – which you have specified in your profile. It makes everything very streamlined and customized…for you.  Once you fill out this form you get a lot of free benefits right there!
  • I’ll even throw in a $25 dining certificate when you book your first trip….a meal on me!!!
  • GET DISCOUNTED TRIPS (hotels, cars, resorts, family vacation packages)…

AND finally —


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