My “baby” picture…

On October 31, 2010, it’s my right hip’s one year anniversary.  That hip (anterior) is doing well.  My left hip (posterior)  is a reminder that I am doing too much …moving too fast <ouch> , not taking enough self-care <ughh>, and forgetting I am seemingly always in recovery of some kind <ah>….it’s my thermometer of sorts . My hips know before I even have a clue….

I admit it, do over-do it, I’ll admit it. I’m a type-A, a bionic type-A now!  The truth is I find I can’t sit for super long periods of time without having to get up and move about.  And sometimes I have to pause a beat when I get up before taking a step.  It’s just “what is”.  I make sure I swim (the best exercise for joints) and I walk and ride the bike everyday.  It took a while to get that schedule down, but I feel so much better.  I listen to empowering tapes when I’m on the stationary bike…that really helps! It’s a great balance for sitting at the computer.  I feel proud of what I have accomplished, I wear my scars as a badge of honor.  I choose to! And, it is a matter of choice…

See, I  feel as if going through this experience (twice), and at a young age has made me stronger (facing many fears – some kicking and screaming and crying, of course), and also made me want to help others who are facing a hip replacement or are recovering and looking for support.  I believe we are a CLUB, and we need to support each other.

That’s also why I created a yahoo email group AND Hip Happy Hours!

Sign up for our Email Chat group now! 🙂

So – hello there fellow HIPSTERS and welcome to The Hipster Club!  We’ve been initiated, we’re bionic…and we set off ALARMS (at the airport)!!!!