–Put up hand railings on both sides of all our stairs. (They previously had only a railing on one side)

–Installed a taller toilet fixture in one bathroom (since then, we have equipped a second bath with another tall fixture as we now prefer it to the squatty kind)

–purchased a set of handles that mounted under the toilet seat (this was left there for 2 years!)

–purchased a showerhead on a long hose so I could shower seated or without bending over too far. We like this better than the regular fixed showerhead so it’s still there!

As for “gadgets” I found these things very helpful. I couldn’t get dressed or undressed without my:

–dressing stick

–sock helper

–long-handled shoe horn

via 42 and hip replacement due,any tips on recovery gadgets for the house post op? – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers.