Tantalum Coated Implants – Strong and Durable

Tantalum Coated Implants – Strong, Compatible and Durable

Tantalum is a hard, grayish blue metal. Its importance in the field of orthopedics comes from the fact that tantalum coated implants have several properties that can be used to enhance the quality of the implants used in hip replacement.

Implants used in joint replacements are prone for rejection by the body. Artificial replacement implants such as those used in hip replacements are so designed that the material used in these implants are compatible with the body tissues. This property of an implant is called biocompatibility. A tantalum coated implant has a pinhole free surface, which increases the biocompatibility of the implant. Tantalum can be used in coating the implant surface of most of the materials used in hip implants such as stainless steel, ceramic, cobalt chromium and titanium alloys.

via Tantalum Coated Implants – Strong, Compatible and Durable.

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