The Trouble with the New Hip Trend


A few years back, many folks with hurting hips were happy to learn that a newer bone-preserving procedure called hip resurfacing could spare them from the more drastic hip replacement.

  But: A huge study has now shown that the newer procedure is more likely to lead to problems than the traditional total hip replacement.

Ashley William Blom, MD, lead author of the new study, weighed in on the results and what they mean for patients   contemplating hip surgery.


The Trouble with the New Hip Trend

1 thought on “The Trouble with the New Hip Trend

  1. Problem with this study is that it ignores the fact that resurfacings are more difficult surgeries.
    Many predicted that when resurfacing was made legal in the United States, a giant slew of unqualified surgeons with no special training would start offering the procedure — and botching it.
    No one should be surprised that more resurfacings fail, because so many unqualified surgeons do the procedure. THRs are much easier and therefore have fewer complications.
    But for someone who wants all the benefits of the resurfacing, they are best served finding a surgeon who has done at least 1000 of them, and who does resurfacings as a matter of routine every day. THAT’s how a patient reaps the rewards.
    Shame on Ashley Blom and shame on websites and organizations that mindlessly peddle these misleading studies. Too many people are cheated out of the best procedure for them because of this lack of critical thinking.


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