It’s Time to have a HIP Buddy!

It is important to have a HIP Buddy. A HIP Buddy is someone who is there for you during and after your Hip Replacement….someone you can count on to be there for you.

Someone that you can count on to be there for you during this process, mostly during and after your hip replacement. Its someone that checks in with you, someone that maybe comes and helps with cleaning, takes your for a walk; kind of like a puppy dog only you’re going to be on a walker or crutches, and they’re there just to support you.

More importantly for the people that live alone, there is a sense of isolation, or that you’re different, or that you’re going through something and people forget about you. Someone just to check in on you really helps to document the process that you’re in.


 Besides your hip journal that you are going to be writing in, your hip buddy also gives you feedback and supports you through whatever you are going through into this initiation into being bionic.

Visit the Hipster Club Community to find YOUR Buddy!

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to have a HIP Buddy!

  1. Thanks Jodi,
    My husband is retired and very happy to look after me when I come home from hospital after my replacement on 18th March.Lucky for me he is retired Thanks again
    Regards Liz

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  2. I had a Right total hip replacement on January 8 2013. After a month of Pt, I am walking in the house without a cane. My wifes supported me every step of the way, from bathing me in the 1st week to taking me to therapy 3 times a week. She is making my recovery very easy. I don’t know if I could have done it without her.


  3. I’m having my right hip replaced on April 9th. My husband has to work so I’m thinking of going into a rehab center if my insurance permits. Has anyone here done that?


  4. Donna, did you go into a rehap center? my husband works also and can take some vacation time but won’t be here all the time. Do you need someone 24/7 after you come home?


  5. Hi, I had a total right hip replacement last Monday 3/31/2014. I had the left hip done 9 years ago. Last Saturday I tried to drive my car to a sort of important meeting ,dislocated the new hip, and landed in the emergency room. I know a totally stupid decision. The pain was excruciating. It set my progress back to the pain I felt on the 1st day of the operation. .Now I am being extra cautious as I am now more prone to another dislocation. I now spend my days using the walker, doing seated leg exercises, and resting. Even though I have been through this before, Nothing really makes it easy. It will take a lot of hard (physical therapy) work ,a sense of humor, and the support of family and friends who love me.


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