It’s Time to have a HIP Buddy!


It is important to have a HIP Buddy. A HIP Buddy is someone who is there for you during and after your Hip Replacement….someone you can count on to be there for you.

Someone that you can count on to be there for you during this process, mostly during and after your hip replacement. Its someone that checks in with you, someone that maybe comes and helps with cleaning, takes your for a walk; kind of like a puppy dog only you’re going to be on a walker or crutches, and they’re there just to support you.

More importantly for the people that live alone, there is a sense of isolation, or that you’re different, or that you’re going through something and people forget about you. Someone just to check in on you really helps to document the process that you’re in.


 Besides your hip journal that you are going to be writing in, your hip buddy also gives you feedback and supports you through whatever you are going through into this initiation into being bionic.

Visit the Hipster Club Community to find YOUR Buddy!