The Hipster Club!

Thanks for finding The Hipster Club….if you got here – You or someone you know, are, or are soon to be, TOO hip.  We are a community of hipsters initiated by pain.

No one knows bone-on-bone pain until you have experienced it…woken up in the middle of the night with excruciating no-cartilage pain when turning over…locked and jolted when standing up after sitting for a while…that limp that causes people to do a double-take on your gait.  We could go on and on…

Soon, the operation day arrives side by side with your fear of the unknown. Your fear of pain, pain medication and the what-ifs of surgery wakes up before you do.  The ‘fat lady has sung’, we bit the bullet and soon we, like magic, wonder why we ever waited so long.

We are here to support, educate, inspire and transform our hipster status, by becoming and remaining our own advocates. And this includes helping others…so, all  I ask is to pay it forward.

11 thoughts on “The Hipster Club!

  1. Jodi, We talked fours years ago when I had my first mom total hip. I am down in San Diego, well it seems my cobalt and chromium levels are out of safe range and mri shows fluid collecting around the implant! Been in four years and they want to do revision! Have any comments or others with this type of failure Smith& Nephew model! Thanks Steve Revisions are much more risky and infection ,dislocation prone than original hip!! Thank Steve

  2. hello Steve, sorry to read your news. I wish you the best for revision surgery. I had mom hip placed after bicycle accident, 2007.made by Zimmer. did you suffer a fall or any movement that precipitated the fluid swelling and elevated chromium and cobalt elevation? what levels were reported by your lab? am 68 years old, my surgeon recommended bicycling and careful hiking but recommended against running or jogging. thank you, Michael

  3. Hi Jodi. I had both hips replaced about six months apart. I was initially to have both replaced at the same time. However, during my surgery, my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, so only the right hip was replaced at that time. It’s been over three years and I’ve had no regrets, except why did I wait so long!


      • I only know a few people who have had hip replacement surgery and no one has developed Sarcoidosis as a result. I pray that you are able to find answers to your questions!

  4. I love this site – really helped me with information, support and advice before my RTHR (I’m now 5 weeks post op) and also inspired me to write about me own hip journey –

    • Hi I’m qweenie.
      I’m looking for people that are suffering from carsoidosis following hip implants. Serious lung disease

  5. I had a total hip replacement on my right hip last July. Since then, I have had several instances of pain in the groin area, sort of near the butt cheek. Is this normal?

    • I’ve had his for a few months, are there any doctors on this site or us it just sufferers?😃

  6. I am 47 years old, had fall at work and broke my hip and had subsequent hip replacement, am experiencing PTSD, due to this and gave hip pain still after 7 months,

  7. Has anyone here been diagnosed with Protrusio Acetabuli? I’m an active 54 yr old and can’t find anyone with the same condition. Thanks!

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