The Hipster Club!


Thanks for finding The Hipster Club….if you got here – You or someone you know, are, or are soon to be, TOO hip.  We are a community of hipsters initiated by pain.

No one knows bone-on-bone pain until you have experienced it…woken up in the middle of the night with excruciating no-cartilage pain when turning over…locked and jolted when standing up after sitting for a while…that limp that causes people to do a double-take on your gait.  We could go on and on…

Soon, the operation day arrives side by side with your fear of the unknown. Your fear of pain, pain medication and the what-ifs of surgery wakes up before you do.  The ‘fat lady has sung’, we bit the bullet and soon we, like magic, wonder why we ever waited so long.

We are here to support, educate, inspire and transform our hipster status, by becoming and remaining our own advocates. And this includes helping others…so, all  I ask is to pay it forward.

Bilateral Hip Replacement | Health And Nutrition Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Bilateral Hip Replacement

Bilateral hip replacement is done routinely, presenting one of the highest success rates of body part replacement surgeries. Depending on your situation and the surgeon, you may have one hip joint replaced and then the other in a separate surgery which is usually several months apart or you can have them done simultaneously. When you have one surgery done at a time, it is really a long process because you need two hospital visits, two anesthesia treatments and then two separate rehabilitation and recovery periods. Although having just one surgery is more convenient, it is painful and rehabilitation is incredibly difficult.

via Bilateral Hip Replacement | Health And Nutrition Tips.