HIP Coaching

The Creator of HIPSTER CLUB and MAKING LEMONADE is available to coach you through the rough transition into the land of being truly bionic.

YOU shouldn’t walk(er) those streets ALONE.

Whether you’re pre or post surgery, or just researching your options – you are NOT alone!

Spend a month with HIP coach Jodi and learn the INS and OUTS of becoming more HIP.  

1 thought on “HIP Coaching

  1. I think I could use a coach as I am scheduled for surgery on April 25th. Today was a good day no pain at all up and down the stairs doing laundry. My husbands a doc and keeps reminding me that my xrays tell a different story. I’m scared and wonder if going through this and then once my own parts are gone what then if it doesn’t work. I am a worrier and will always be. I’ve had breast cancer chemo and the whole bit. I was hoping that was gonna be enough. Anyway a coach to walk me through this I think would help me tremendously. He is planning on anterior approach on a Wed. no rehab facility but therapy to start the following Monday. Way can’t believe that.


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