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Hip Advocate

Jodi is a DOUBLE HIPster with a “Zimmer” in her left hip and ceramic in her right.  Bionic woman of the 21st century, Jodi has used both THR approaches – the left hip was the posterior cutting through the muscle  (ouch) and in the right hip almost three years later, she used the anterior approach, which is a weaving through the muscles and ligaments.

Jodi is  also the creator and founder of and  – and author of a Guidebook for Single Parents after divorce (Making Lemonade – the book).

She has been spotlighted for her work with single parents in many on and offline publications; all inspired by being the single mother of SAM, who is now 21  <insert GULP here>

In her new HIPster status, Jodi wants to help people through this process (and initiation) because it was SO powerful for her!  She is there for YOU to take you through all the stages of having your hip replaced….from research, speaking to Doctors, planning the surgery, going through the pre-op and post op process, preparing your home and post-surgery care-taking, and planning your hipster party to say good-bye to your original hip and hello to your bionic self!

This is a journey, and there is loss to grieve – but there is also an initiation and celebration into a new, more bionic lifestyle.  Traveling through airports will never be the same again either!!!!

And, there is no need to go through this alone, when you can have an advocate!  🙂   

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My name is Jodi and I’m powerless…

My “baby” picture…

On October 31, 2010, it’s my right hip’s one year anniversary.  That hip (anterior) is doing well.  My left hip (posterior)  is a reminder that I am doing too much …moving too fast <ouch> , not taking enough self-care <ughh>, and forgetting I am seemingly always in recovery of some kind <ah>….it’s my thermometer of sorts . My hips know before I even have a clue….

I admit it, do over-do it, I’ll admit it. I’m a type-A, a bionic type-A now!  The truth is I find I can’t sit for super long periods of time without having to get up and move about.  And sometimes I have to pause a beat when I get up before taking a step.  It’s just “what is”.  I make sure I swim (the best exercise for joints) and I walk and ride the bike everyday.  It took a while to get that schedule down, but I feel so much better.  I listen to empowering tapes when I’m on the stationary bike…that really helps! It’s a great balance for sitting at the computer.  I feel proud of what I have accomplished, I wear my scars as a badge of honor.  I choose to! And, it is a matter of choice…

See, I  feel as if going through this experience (twice), and at a young age has made me stronger (facing many fears – some kicking and screaming and crying, of course), and also made me want to help others who are facing a hip replacement or are recovering and looking for support.  I believe we are a CLUB, and we need to support each other.

That’s also why I created a yahoo email group AND Hip Happy Hours!

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So – hello there fellow HIPSTERS and welcome to The Hipster Club!  We’ve been initiated, we’re bionic…and we set off ALARMS (at the airport)!!!!